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Louis Dreyfus

Started in 2015, the program was implemented in partnership with French based Louis Dreyfus Foundation to empower marginal communities based in rain fed corn and cotton areas in Haveri district in Southern India by promoting sustainable farming approaches; social mobilization through producers’ groups-some of which are specifically for women; and through knowledge empowerment on farming systems.


By helping the farmers to help themselves, the program intends to restore soil health, and to increase the income of marginal rural families, notably by minimizing the cost of production particularly on external inputs and enhancing productivity of crops and livestock. Program is focusing on climate risk mitigation strategies such as Tree Based Farming System among the select families. Program sustainability is being addressed through promotion of people’s institutions-Farmers Producer Companies (FPC) as business entities which are delivering ecosystem services to the farming community across four blocks of the district covering 3500 families.

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